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Forest Girl's Coloring Book by Aeppol

Forest Girl's Coloring Book by Aeppol

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Delve into the enchanting world of a beloved artist Aeppol who, since 2015, has captivated readers with over 200 serialized works. In this carefully curated coloring book, the author personally selected 58 pieces, showcasing the analog charm of finely drawn pencil sketches. The collection, both rich and tightly packed, includes previously revealed gems through Grafolio as well as the latest unpublished pieces.

Explore three thematic realms—'Forest Stories,' 'A Day Spent at Home,' and 'Imaginary Worlds'—each page inviting you to infuse your unique palette. As you bring to life the ever-changing faces of the forest, the pure daily existence of the forest girl, and the detailed sketches of charming interiors, delightful props, and various patterned clothes, you'll find yourself transported into a whimsical journey along the green forest path.

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