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I Love Korean 1 사랑해요 한국어 1 - Student's Book (English and Korean Edition)

I Love Korean 1 사랑해요 한국어 1 - Student's Book (English and Korean Edition)

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Adorable Korean Language Learning Book

The I Love Korean Series is designed to expedite Korean language learning with a 60-hour program. Our practical activities will help learners to speak, listen, read, and write Korean faster.

I Love Korean 1 is a textbook for learners who have no knowledge of Korean at all. There is a dedicated section covering how to read and write Hangul, the Korean alphabet. Each unit of this learning book provides useful vocabulary, grammar, and key expressions used in everyday life.

This book is ideal for:

  • Travelers trying to learn useful expressions before going on a trip to Korea
  • Self-study learners who are currently studying with boring Korean flashcards, notebooks, and workbooks
  • Korean learners who are preparing for the TOPIK exam
  • Korean culture fans who want to have an in-depth understanding of K-pop (BTS), Korean drama, and Korean movies

Having studied our I Love Korean Series, you will be able to communicate with your Korean friends!

*The audio files are available at the SNU Language Education Institute or SNU Press web page*

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